Opportunities and Training for Athletes

Through our Athlete Leadership Program, athletes have opportunities to serve as spokespersons and ambassadors for Special Olympics Connecticut (SOCT) and speak at sporting events, special events and to sponsors, partners and community groups as representatives of the organization. Through these opportunities to share the mission and message of Special Olympics and their personal stories and experiences, they gain greater self-esteem, become more effective communicators and connect and collaborate with others in their communities.

Leadership Training and Skill Development

Athlete leaders participate in ongoing training sessions to develop and enhance their skills. These training sessions, both virtual and in-person, focus on public speaking and presentation skills, interviewing, team building, listening skills, practices of successful leaders, working with the media and self-care. Training sessions are led by professionals representing all areas of business and leaders in the community, and also by the athletes themselves who share personal achievements and talents to teach and inspire other members of the group.

Male athletes wearing business attire standing together smiling.
Female athlete wearing a headband and eyeglasses standing behind a podium.

Roles for Athlete Leaders

Athlete Leaders can take on a variety of roles within SOCT, and may serve as volunteers, committee members, fundraisers and assistant coaches. Two athlete leaders also serve on the SOCT Board of Directors to provide a voice for athletes across the organization and provide invaluable input that helps shape our organization's programs and strategies.

Athlete Leaders who promote Special Olympics' mission, programs and events are known as Global Messengers. Those who also promote its wellness and fitness programs are called Health Messengers. To request a Special Olympics Connecticut Global Messenger to speak to your group or at your event, please complete the Global Messenger Request Form.

For more information, contact debbieh@soct.org.