Smart Goals and Goal setting to keep you on track for 2022

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Setting SMART Goals is a good way to stay on track with fitness and wellnessgoals. SMART Goals stand for- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

An example of a specific goal would be to run or walk a 5k. A 5k is also measurable. The next step would be to make sure the goal is achievable by ensuring that you have a plan to meet the goal, for example; following a 12-week training program. Then ask yourself if the goal is achievable and realistic? How much can I run right now? Is 12 weeks enough time to achieve my goal? Is the training program I have chosen a good fit for me? And last is it timely or time bound. Set a date by which you will achieve the goal. Signing up for a 5k run or walk could be a good way to keep you on target.

Other ways to stay on track with fitness and health goals include recognizing that lapses are part of the path to success. You may miss a workout or go off your meal plan, but a lapse does not have to become a re-lapse into old behaviors. Lapses are often beyond our control, due to circumstances like weather or an event. The important thing to remember is -a lapse is just that and not a failure. One missed workout or going off your meal plan for one meal or a day is just that. Don’t focus on your failure, focus on your success!

Every day sticking with your plan is a success! Focus on the positives and things you are doing to meet your goals, move beyond your lapses and move forward towards your goal. Avoid all or nothing thinking. Every small step is a step in the right direction.

Use tools like journaling and checking in, or reporting to someone to help hold yourself accountable and to receive positive reinforcement from peers who might be having the same struggles. If you are supporting a friend or family member through a fitness or wellness journey, provide praise for any step towards reaching the goal.

Lastly, or actually firstly, spend some time thinking about your goal. Why is this goal important to you? What will it feel like to achieve this goal? How can you overcome obstacles to achieving this goal? Visualization and planning are powerful tools for success.

Kristin Champagne is the Health and Wellness Coordinator for Special Olympics Connecticut. She holds a degree in Exercise Physiology from Whittier College and has been a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor for more than 25 years.

She has training in inclusive fitness coaching and nutrition coaching and loves working with Special Olympics Athletes! In addition, she has been a competitive athlete and fitness enthusiast her who life and loves to encourage others in their fitness journeys.