SOCT Golf Marathon

Jul 01st - All Day

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Join us for the SOCT Golf Marathon which will take place for the month of July 2020!!

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to host many of our annual, in-person, SOCT benefit golf tournaments. We are also unable to hold many of our other in-person fundraising events as well.

As a result, we decided we are bringing the golf to you! Grab your friends, make a tee time (or two) at a golf course of your choice, and play 100 holes of golf (or more!) to support Special Olympics Connecticut. 

Click on the link below and register yourself or your team today!

How Does It Work?

1. Create and/or Join a Team - teams can have 1 - 10 people (the more people you have, the fewer holes each of you will need to play).

2. Over the course of the month of July, as a team, play 100+ holes of golf at the golf course of your choosing.

3. Registered teams will create their own fundraising goal, but keep in mind, teams will be eligible for incentive prizes based on their fundraising. More information on incentive prizes will be available soon!

How Can People Support Your Team?

1. Make a one-time donation ahead of the event

2. Pledging a certain amount of money per hole and paying that up front, ahead of the event (ex. I'll assume you play 100 holes and I will donate $100 now)

3. Pledging a certain amount of money per hole and paying that after the fact (ex. I'll give you $1 a hole and if your team ends up playing 120 I'll donate $120 OR I'll give you $1 per hole for 100 holes and $5 a hole for any hole you play above and beyond 100).

4. Pledging a certain amount of money per par/birdie/eagle (ex. $1 per par, $5 per birdie, $10 per eagle)

Please keep in mind all current social distancing guidelines and remember to HAVE FUN!


If you have any questions, please reach out to Jeffrey Veneziano - [email protected]