2019 Local Program Accreditation/Susan Saint James Endowment


  • Recruit, register and train Special Olympics Athletes and Unified teammates
  • Recruit and register Class A volunteers
  • Attend Local, State, Invitational, National and World Games Competitions
  • Raise needed funds to cover program costs in the name of Special Olympics Connecticut (with approval of SOCT office)
  • May apply for any available SOCT and/or SOI grants
  • Permission to use Official SOCT logo
  • Access to Special Olympics Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Access to have a centralized Local Program Account managed by the Business Office at SOCT
  • Access to Inforamation and Training, including Meetings, Volunteer Training, Coaches Training and Leadership Summits


  • Those Local Programs not adhering to the Special Olympics General Rules, The Official Special Olympics Sports Rules, and all other operating polices and procedures established by Special Olympics, Inc. and Special Olympics Connecticut. Local Programs that fail to be accredited forfeit the right to use the Special Olympics name, logo, and other proprietary marks.

SOCT Headquarters has the power to suspend or permanently ban any Special Olympics Local Program from participation in Special Olympics, impose sanctions on a program, or suspend or revoke an accredited program’s accreditation.

As Local Coordinator of Special Olympics Connecticut, Inc., I acknowledge that I have reviewed this Application for Accreditation and all statements made herein are true. I further acknowledge that I have reviewed and understand the rules, policies and procedures established by Special Olympics, Inc., Special Olympics Connecticut, Inc., the Official Special Olympics General Rules, and the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules. I understand that Accredited Programs are committed to abide by all rules, policies and procedures established by Special Olympics, Inc., Special Olympics Connecticut, Inc., the Official Special Olympics General Rules and the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules and that non-compliance may result in loss of accreditation at any time and loss of the right to use the Special Olympics name for any purpose whatsoever. I acknowledge that I serve in a voluntary capacity as Local Coordinator for Special Olympics, Inc., and Special Olympics Connecticut, Inc., and may be removed at any time for any reason.
If Local Coordinator information is different than above
Information provided here will assist in our 2019 Program Planning and help direct needed resources to your local program.
Local Program Committee (Include Co-local Coordinators)
Please List Members of your Local Program Committee and the Position they hold:
We will add your Local Committee to our bi-weekly Local Program Reminder distribution list.
Local Program Budget - 2019
Please upload and complete the 2019 Budget of Revenue and Expenses Excel Form listed below the Accreditation Application link. It is designed to auto tally your budget line $ amounts and you may use the notes section to list a breakdown of events/projects the monies would be coming from. . It is important you save the completed budget in your local program's name and send a copy to Marc Mercadante at [email protected]. This is a new format; please contact Marc if you have any questions.
Please list two goals that your Local Program will achieve in 2019. Include completion dates. Please identify your goals in areas of Fundraising, New Sports, Healthy Communities or Volunteer/Coaches Training.
Sports and Organization Information
1. Do you plan on adding any new teams or sports in 2019? *
2. In what sports can your program use:
4. Please indicate the Social Media platforms your Local Program uses:
Group Facebook for your Local Program *
5. Would your Local Program be interested in having a formal Fit 5 Program during your practices leading up to Summer Games? *
6. Do any of your athletes having trouble getting their SOCT Athlete Sports Medical/Physical completed to participate in SOCT? *
7. Are there any athletes in your local program you would recommend for an Athlete Leadership Role: Committee member, Funding, Assistant Coach, and Input Council? *
Susan Saint James Endowment Request
This endowment was established by Susan Saint James for Local Programs. Annual funding is based on the average fair market value of the endowment over the past three years and the amount of local programs who submit this grant by the deadline. The Endowment will be dispersed as follows:
- 50 % of fund divided equally to all eligible accredited local programs
- 50 % based on the # of athletes and partners registered in these eligible accredited local programs. This total will come from the previous year’s Athlete Census submitted to SOI.
To Be Eligible to Receive This Endowment Funding, you must:
  • Complete and submit your Local Accreditation Form via SOCT website to the SOCT by the January 19, 2019 deadline.
  • Complete and submit your Susan Saint James Endowment Request via SOCT website to the SOCT by the January 19, 2019 deadline.
  • Complete your Local Coordinator Survey by January 19, 2019 (will be e-mailed to you, one survey required per Local Program)
  • Local Programs in the New London area who are eligible for funding through the Eunice Murtha Endowment are not eligible for this funding
Please indicate how you will use the funding by checking off the categories from the approved listing of expenses:
Any questions regarding this Endowment Fund Request, please contact
Marc Mercadante at [email protected] or 203-915-3845.