Become a Unified Sports® Partner

Sports are about having fun, practicing a healthy lifestyle and bringing people together. The Special Olympics Unified Sports® program offers all of this and more.

Unified Sports® Partners are athletes without intellectual disabilities who train and compete in sports alongside their peers with intellectual disabilities.

Unified Sports® Partners play a valuable role in enriching the lives of others by providing the encouragement, understanding and support that helps athletes realize their potential.

The Unified Sports® Program fosters a unique bond among teammates through the sports experience. It also helps create a culture of inclusion, understanding and respect for individuals of all abilities in our schools and communities.

Do you enjoy playing basketball, volleyball, softball or soccer? Or are you a swimmer, tennis player or runner? There is no better way to share your love of sports and experience the rewards you gain from volunteering than by becoming a Special Olympics Unified Sports® Partner!

Here's how to get started:

1. Complete and submit the Class A Volunteer Application. (This form must be completed before joining a Special Olympics Connecticut team and is valid for three years.)

 Volunteer: Class A Application
•  Volunteer: Class A Application  (Web Version)

Volunteer: Minor Class A Application
Volunteer: Minor Class A Application  (Web Version) 

2. Complete the Protective Behaviors online training. (Only for volunteers ages 18 and over.)

3. Read the Unified Sports® Partner Guidelines and complete the Unified Sports® Partner Release Form.

4. Review information about Partner Domination Issues and Guidelines.