Special Olympics Glastonbury

Special Olympics Glastonbury

Associated Towns:

  • Glastonbury

Type of Program:


Number of Athletes and Unified Sports® Partners:

58 Athletes and 75 Partners

Age Range:

Youth and Adult, Ages 8 and up. Unified Basketball, Ages 16 and up. Unified Softball, Ages 22 and up

Sports Offered:

  • Alpine Ski
  • Aquatics
  • Athletics
  • Basketball- Unified
  • Bowling
  • Croquet
  • Snowshoeing

Local Program Highlights:

Our program is more than just a sports program. Along with competitions and sports training, we offer opportunities for social activities such as potluck suppers, pizza parties, summer picnics, dances, and bowling nights!

Program Needs:

Coaches and Unified Partners (ages 22 and older).

Local Coordinators Contact Info:

Tina Yenker
[email protected]

Lucie Carangelo
[email protected]

Stephanie Norwood
[email protected]