Health Services for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities experience substandard healthcare and access to health services compared to others in their communities. Special Olympics Health, made possible by the Golisano Foundation in collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is working to achieve inclusive health for people with intellectual disabilities, which means equitable access to quality healthcare, education, and services throughout the community.

Health Screening, Education, and Prevention

With the help of our amazing volunteers and community members, Special Olympics Connecticut (SOCT) provides health education, screening, and fitness programs to our athletes, giving them access to vital services that promote their overall health and wellness.

Athletes standing outside on the grass doing fitness training.

Inclusive Fitness Programs

Through our Inclusive Fitness Programs individuals with and without disabilities come together to participate in sports and exercise activities. These programs include a mix of in-person events and virtual tools, promoting health education and helping participants achieve their fitness goals. SOCT Inclusive Fitness Programs include:

  • Fit 5 
  • Unified Fitness Clubs
  • Fitness Coaches Training

Creating Healthy Communities Together

Healthy Communities is a model Special Olympics program that ensures year-round access to health care and prevention programming to help Special Olympics athletes perform at their best, on and off the field, and have equal access to quality health care, health education, and resources. SOCT was designated a Healthy Community by Special Olympics International in 2019.

Green 2019 Special Olympics Healthy Community Certified Program Graphic.

Looking for more information?

Learn more about Special Olympics Health and how you can get involved by visiting the Center for Inclusive Health online.