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As we continue to navigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on all of our lives, Special Olympics Connecticut is currently offering athletes a way to stay active, healthy and connected with our Special Olympics community through virtual health and fitness opportunities.

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Special Olympics is the world's largest public health organization for people with intellectual disabilities.

Through our Healthy Athletes program, volunteers and partners who are medical practitioners team up with Special Olympics Connecticut to improve the health and wellness of our athletes and address health conditions such as chronic pain, disease, blindness, hearing loss and shortened lifespan that affect this under-served population.

To accomplish this, we provide free health screenings and educational resources, and teach preventative care where our athletes are - at our Games - throughout the year. We also follow up to ensure athletes get the medical attention they need.

Healthy Athletes is designed to improve each athlete's ability to train and compete in sports, advance their overall well-being and reinforce the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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