Unified Fitness Club

The Special Olympics Connecticut Unified Fitness Club (UFC) brings together individuals with and without disabilities for activities that encourage fitness and inspire friendship. This program provides a platform for athletes to challenge themselves and earn personal and Club rewards.
Athletes can complete a variety of fitness activities at select locations throughout the state to receive exclusive Special Olympics Connecticut (SOCT) pins commemorating their accomplishments. Check out some of our USFC fitness destinations across Connecticut here.

Fit-5-icon.png Female wearing eyeglasses and a purple headband smiling while holding a bowl of fruit.

Fit 5

Fit 5 is designed to educate athletes on how fitness, nutrition, and hydration impact overall athletic performance. Athletes enrolled in the eight-week program are trained based on a comprehensive wellness curriculum that empowers them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Goals Include:

  • Exercise 5 days every week
  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day 
  • Drink 5 bottles of water every day 

Virtual Health & Fitness Activities

SOCT Fit 5 Facebook Group

This Facebook Group is designed to provide athletes with the tools and encouragement to stay active and healthy at home outside of practices and competitions. Zumba, yoga, strength training classes as well as healthy nutrition resources are posted regularly.

For Fitness videos, click here.
For Yoga videos, click here.

Collage of three men and women. One is swimming, one is lifting weights, and the other is smiling with a UConn shirt on.
Athletes working with trainer in a fitness class outside.

Performance Stations

Performance Stations aim to connect elements of fitness and sports performance in a sports competition setting. Volunteers who oversee the performance stations provide hands-on learning activities to athletes before and after they compete. Stations include a pre-competition warm-up, post-competition cool-down, nutrition and hydration education as well as information on how athletes can continue to stay active during the off-season.

Health & Wellness Newsletter

Athletes outside on the grass doing exercises on yoga mats.

The SOCT Health & Wellness weekly newsletter provides athletes who do not have access to Facebook with all the daily fitness activities that were shared each week. The newsletter also includes health resources for coaches, parents and caregivers.

Zoom Room Cooking Classes

Instructor teaching cooking lessons with ingredients, a bowl, and a spoon on the counter in front of her.

SOCT partners with volunteers from the University of Saint Joseph’s Nutrition and Dietetics program to provide regular healthy cooking demonstrations in our SOCT Zoom Room.
Student and faculty volunteers from the University demonstrate how to plan, measure and prepare various healthy recipes.